Our Team

  • matthew

    Matthew Morris


    With a diverse background in fashion, music, design, psychology, organizational management consulting and entrepreneurship, Matt is a “Jack Of All Trades”. He can code, he can design, he does strategy development, he runs daily operations, and it is said that he may even be able to do all of this while listening to loud rap music (unconfirmed).

  • dianna

    Dianna Foster

    Writer/Social Media Guru/Designer

    Dianna has a background in journalism and political science. An extremely bright and creative thinker, her ability to craft words is truly amazing. In her free time she enjoys hiking up cliff-sides with her terrier, “Chuckie”. She also is an amazing cook and is working on an all vegan cookbook.

  • benton

    Benton Samuels

    SEO Expert/Content Specialist/Developer

    Benton is a pure analytical thinker, hence his passion for programming and data analysis. It’s sometimes scary how focused this guy is. When he doesn’t have his head down working, or driving around in his beloved Jeep Wrangler, he is probably at home playing with his two little girls.

My Pledge To You Is:

When you join Lemon Sevens as a client you will become part of our small, but growing family tree. That means our success is directly attached to your success. So instead of looking to acquire more clients, we will work endlessly to keep your business successful.



“The key to success online is a three-fold approach: Recognition, Credibility and Engagement. People must first be able to find you, then feel confident in trusting you, and then have the ability to receive something of value from you. That is when they become an advocate.”

3 Reasons Why We’re #1:

  • ROI

    Our services aren’t meant to be seen as an expense, but an investment. If they’re not bringing you a nice return, then they’re worthless. We want to see your rolling in the dough.

  • Effective

    Many businesses have websites. Some have marketing strategies. Few have really effective websites and marketing strategies. We’re not selling you services, we’re selling you effectiveness.

  • Support

    One of the perks of being part of a small stable of clients is that we’re more focused on working for you than we’re focused on looking for more clients. You’re a part of the Lemon Sevens Tree. A tree we want to water and help bloom.

5 Star Quality5-stars

“Looking back, I should have never went with the BIG corporation we started with. They gave us a generic template and a bunch of phone calls to upsell us on this or that. Lemon Sevens is the exact opposite of that. A very well designed website, matched with a clear and effective marketing campaign. At the foundation is top-notch support. And all for a much better price than before. Highly recommended!”

Stephen Harper, D.D.S.
August 20, 2015
5/5 stars
Website for Harper Orthodontics


Beyond just philosophical rhetoric and nice sounding words, we really strive to embody these values and utilize them daily to propel us forward. They are the essence of our company and the foundation on which this house stands.


Being real is being vulnerable to reality.


An open window convey’s trust and confidence.


Think big picture, but draw line by line.


The seeds of understanding are always present.


You can build or you can destroy. We choose to build.

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