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Then you know how increasingly competitive your market is becoming. You also know that you need to do something... Like hire a marketing team who knows how to rocket your business into a position of dominance.

Check out how we've done just this for Harper Orthodontics:

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"The key to success online is a four-fold approach: Attract, Engage, Convert and Reward. People must first be able to find you, then receive something of value from you, then be signed up as a patient, at which point we reward them in hopes they become your fan and advocate."

3 Reasons Why We're #1:

  • ROI

    Our services aren't meant to be seen as an expense, but an investment. If they're not bringing you a nice return, then they're worthless. We want to see your rolling in the dough.

  • Effective

    Many businesses have websites. Some have marketing strategies. Few have really effective websites and marketing strategies. We're not selling you services, we're selling you effectiveness.

  • Support

    One of the perks of being part of a small stable of clients is that we're more focused on working for you than we're focused on looking for more clients. You're a part of the Lemon Sevens Tree. A tree we want to water and help bloom.

5 Star Quality

"Looking back, I should have never went with the BIG corporation we started with. They gave us a generic template and a bunch of phone calls to upsell us on this or that. Lemon Sevens is the exact opposite of that. A very well designed website, matched with a clear and effective marketing campaign. At the foundation is top-notch support. And all for a much better price than before. Highly recommended!"

Stephen Harper, D.D.S.
August 20, 2015
5/5 stars
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Fundamentals Of Effective
Medical Website Design and Healthcare Marketing:

Establish Trust and Credibility

More than any other factor in determining your ability to succeed online is trust and credibility. This is the foundation of your success. If your online presence does not convey trust, if you appear to lack credibility, then nothing else we talk about is going to matter. This is particularly true concerning healthcare related businesses, such as: orthodontists, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists and so on.

Our strategy for establishing trust and credibility must therefore have a lot of width and depth to it. It has to span all of the different channels your patients could potentially learn something about it through (search engines, websites, social media, reviews...), and it has to reach deep into each of those channels to really engage with those patients on a level they respect and value.

Read more about how to establish trust and credibility on the web in our upcoming eBook, “Make You or Break You: How your presence online could destroy your business”.

Attract, Engage, Convert and Reward

Your website and marketing strategy should focus on accomplishing four main goals:

  • Attract members of your community and make them aware that you exist
  • Engage these folks in manners that they will find useful and valuable
  • Convert them into patients
  • Motivate them to become advocates

You can learn more about what we call the “5 C's of Success” in this article. Ultimately, however your website looks like in the end, and whatever your marketing strategy ends up being, as long as you are following these four guidelines you should do alright.

Is Optimized for Mobile Devices

According to Google, as of May of 2015, more internet searches are happening on mobile devices than on desktop. This is particularly true when searching for local businesses. That means the likelihood of a potential (or current) patient stumbling onto your website from a mobile devices is extremely high. If your website is not optimized to display properly on one of these devices, that person will probably click away and visit your competitors website instead.

Whether or not your website is optimized for mobile devices also effects your rank position in Google search. A mobile responsive website will rank higher than a non-mobile responsive website.

Another thing to think about is mobile specific marketing. Contact us to learn more about this.

Search Engine Optimization And Website Performance

A good SEO strategy will put you on the right track towards ranking #1 in Google searches. Part of that strategy is understanding the on-site specific tasks you must complete in order to have a “search engine optimized website”. Things like content structure, sitemap structure, mobile responsiveness, page load speed and more, all contribute to “on-site” SEO.

Speaking of page load speed, the speed with which your webpages load actually contributes to how Google will rank your website. Further, 70% of website users will actually click away and never return to a website if the page takes longer than 5 seconds to load. So make sure your website is optimized for page speed as well!



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